Meal Plan for Oct 28 – Nov 3

My meal plan for this week revolves primarily around the proteins and produce that are on sale at the lowest end of their price range according to my price-watching data.


Groceries for this week cost around $73 for my family of 5.  This includes a few items that I’ll buy to stock because of their amazing price and also utilizes ingredients I have stored in my freezer and pantry from weeks’ past sales.  As you build your freezer and pantry stock, you’ll have a variety of ingredients to choose from that you paid a rock-bottom price for!

For a few tips on where to get other staple items at their best price, check out my Where to Buy Staples page.

FIY, my meal plan is intended primarily to give you some ideas on how to use the on-sale ingredients if you need some inspiration!  I personally follow a food lifestyle called Trim Healthy Mama, which encourages separating fuels (fats and carbs) at each meals, eliminating sugar and “white” carbs, and protein at every meal to balance blood sugar.  My husband and growing kids don’t need to lose weight, so they are only loosely on the plan.  I encourage you to adapt the meals for you and your family and I would love to hear what you plan to cook up!

*indicates meals using on sale items


  • Egg Whites with a Honeycrisp Apple* or other fruit (THM E)
  • Collagen Coffee (THM FP)
  • Oatmeal with butter, honey, and Honeycrisp Apple* (for kids)
  • Bean and Cheese burritos with homemade refried beans, cheddar, and whole wheat wraps (for kids & hubby)
  • Breakfast Burritos with eggs, breakfast sausage (16oz roll for $1.99 at Aldi) and cheese (for hubby) Note: I make the burritos in big batches once or twice a month, they freeze great!



  • Dinner Leftovers
  • Hangry Pockets
  • Cheesy Chicken* “dip” with celery (from Aldi) stalks and homemade bread for dipping.  I’ll use the Totally Dope Chicken recipe from THT p. 104, but this recipe is similar.
  • (kids) All-Beef Hotdogs* ($1.99 for 12oz packages at Kroger, Saturday only with Card and Digital Coupon) with Honeycrisp Apples* and baby carrots (from last week’s sale)
  • (kids) Peanut butter with Polaner (all fruit) jelly sandwiches*


Snacks: I only plan snacks for the kids since I find I rarely get around to eating one myself anymore!  But in recent weeks I’ve noticed they need protein, carb, and fat at EVERY meal and snack to keep them from getting hangry before I’m ready to feed them again.

  • Honeycrisp Apples* and Peanut Butter (I like to get the All-Natural PB at Kroger because it has no sugar, but while I wait for it to go on sale again I’m just getting the big 40oz jar from Aldi and praying over it).
  • Raisins & Roasted Peanuts – easiest snack ever.
  • HealthyUnicorn Bark – Update: it was a hit! At first… the kids are getting tired of it and now it’s getting cold outside so it’s not exactly the right season for it anymore!  B is the only one who will still eat at this point, and I still have a whole cookie sheet of it left in my freezer.  Don’t be surprised if I offer it to your kids if they come over lol.  I only loosely followed this recipe, using full-fat yogurt since it’s for the kids, bananas, and frozen strawberries that we bought fresh in bulk a few weeks ago when they were $0.99/lb. 



  • Aldi Take-N-Bake Pizzas* with frozen peas – Truth be told, I’ll be out of town this weekend while hubby keeps the kiddos, so this one is easy for him!  You can also freeze these, but they may not fit flat in a side-by-side style freezer.
  • Mexican-Style Chicken* Soup – I’ll be doing the Insanely Simple Chicken Fiesta Soup (THM E) from THT p. 151, but this recipe is similar).
  • Spaghetti Squash Chow Mein with Pork* (I omit the coconut sugar to keep it THM-compatible, and it’s still delicious!)
  • “Date Night” make-our-own fancy salami and cheese tray from Aldi.  We like to pick out a fancy salami and cheese to try, then serve it with whatever fruit and veggies we have (bell peppers, raw broccoli, apples, grapes, etc. are great!) and enjoy as a stay-in date night meal after the kids go to bed (they eat leftovers that night :o)
  • Chicken* Lasagna.  I’ll be following the recipe for Lazy Chicken Lasagna (THM S) in THT p. 124, but this recipe is similar.
  • Snatch ‘Em Up Chicken* Tenders (from Trim Healthy Table, p. 283) with Green Fries and Roasted Baby Carrots (for kids & hubby) and Mushrooms (THM S) I’ll cut the on-sale chicken breast into tenders, coat in my low-carb breading (you can use regular bread crumbs if you’re not worried about carbs, too!), and bake.  The green fries are simply frozen green beans tossed in oil and seasonings and roasted until crispy.  If we have extra raw spinach I’ll also serve a salad with this meal, along with some homemade butter bread for my boys.
  • Pinto Beans & Brown Rice (THM E) Always cheap, but my kids LOVE it with cheese and maybe some sour cream if we have it.  We try to have it once a week.

What usually happens around here with dinners is there is one night where I just don’t get around to cooking.  All of these recipes make 6-8 servings, so we often just have leftovers that night.  Usually one of these dinners will get bumped to next week.

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