Meal Plan for Dec. 2-8

I’m trying something a little different this week!  We’ll see how it goes 🙂  I really hope for future meal plans to have the following:

  • Cost per serving
  • As close to $1 or less a serving as possible, while still being exciting and appealing
  • Using on-sale ingredients
  • Both THM S and E, with nutritious options for growing family members
  • Recipes found online – not just in cookbooks to make it easier for all to access
  • Include a complete grocery list for these meals

loved doing this, but it was a lot of work!  We shall see if I can keep up this pace!

All that being said, the entire grocery list for these meals totals up to $112.  You will be able to slash a lot of those items off, however – I bet you already have most of the seasonings and some other things (after I slashed things I already had off my list, it came to $80.60).  The complete grocery list can be found here.  It is an ugly spreadsheet, I know.  On the spreadsheet it is indicated which items are sale items and which recipes they go in.  I also make suggestions on which store carries some of the items for the best price.  My question:  is all of that detail useful to you?  Or just overwhelming?  In the future I hope to polish that up and make it more user-friendly.  Copy it into your own spreadsheet software and tweak it, or just print it (printer friendly version) and go!

FIY, my meal plan is intended primarily to give you some ideas on how to use the on-sale ingredients if you need some inspiration!  I personally follow a food lifestyle called Trim Healthy Mama, which encourages separating fuels (fats and carbs) at each meals, eliminating sugar and “white” carbs, and protein at every meal to balance blood sugar.  My husband and growing kids don’t need to lose weight, so they are only loosely on the plan.  I encourage you to adapt the meals for you and your family and I would love to hear what you plan to cook up!

textgram (2)


  • Egg whites and Sprouted Bread (THM E)
    • This meal costs about $0.97/serving.  I use 1/2 cup of egg whites for about 15g of protein.  1 pint of egg whites at Aldi is $1.89.  I usually do 3 slices of sprouted bread to fulfill the gentle carb fuel source of an E meal, which gives me 33g carbs (max 45).  I could go for that extra slice if needed 🙂  Or have a small piece of fresh fruit alongside.
  • Oatmeal with butter and honey (THM XO)
    • This meal costs about $0.58/serving.  This is my go-to for the kids’ breakfasts just about every day of the week.  Sometimes they eat a lot, sometimes a little, so the cost estimate is pretty loose!  I also mix it up by adding in seasonal fruit or raisins or a bit of milk.
  • Scrambled Eggs with Breakfast Sausage & Seasonal Veggies (THM S)
    • This meal costs about $0.67/serving.  On Sundays I like to make a big skillet of this scrambled egg mixture, take a portion out for myself, and make the rest into burritos for hubby’s work breakfasts.
    • For burritos, total cost is about $0.94 each:
      • Tortillas: I don’t know why I’ve had such a hard time nailing down the cost of tortillas, haha!  I have bought them at both Kroger and Aldi.  The burrito size are really needed for this, but they are SO much more expensive.  I also prefer to get whole wheat ones for him but he prefers the white flour ones 😉  So all in all, I expect to pay $1.49 for an 8 pack of tortillas, much more for burrito size and a little more for whole wheat.
      • Cheese: I use about 1 cup of whatever shredded cheese we have and divide it between the 8 burritos.  With the cheese sale this week at $0.15/oz, this will be $0.08/burrito.



  • Mixed Salad Greens with any leftover protein (THM deep S)
    • This recipe is one of my more expensive meals at $2.11/serving, but THMs will understand the value of having some go-to deep S meals, and this is one that I really enjoy every time and can adjust to the ingredients I have.
    • The best place to buy organic mixed greens is Aldi, but you can  get them cheaper if you want to get the marked-down-near-to-expiring greens at Kroger, and sometimes there are coupons for these greens that you can even use on top of the mark-down (both digital and paper).
    • I plan on roasting one of those turkeys this week, and I will debone it and portion it for future soups or casseroles – but this shredded dark meat will also be perfect for this salad.
  • Chicken Sausage and Rice Skillet (THM XO)
    • This recipe comes out to about $0.77/serving.  It doesn’t use on-sale ingredients, just a good, inexpensive, nutritious meal that my kids love!
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches
    • Classic, kid-pleasing lunch!  Cost is about $0.62/per sandwich.  Not as cheap as I thought, actually!  Considering I have one kid who can eat 3-4 sandwiches in a sitting.  I buy the cheap $0.99 loaf of whole wheat bread at Aldi, 15oz peanut butter when it’s on sale for $0.99 at Kroger (because it’s sugar-free) or the 40oz jar at Aldi when it’s $2.69.  I also splurge on All-Fruit Polaner for $2.24 because it has no added sugar.  Aldi carries a low-sugar version with a lower price.  I’m sure normal jelly is even cheaper and this could be the more economical meal it is known to be 🙂
    • Serve with on-sale seasonal fruit like mandarin oranges or mango.
  • Dinner Leftovers
    • Most of the dinners will provide enough leftovers for hubby and I’s lunches.



  • Homemade Healthy Trail Mix
    • This snack costs roughly $0.62/serving, depending on the variations and add-ins you choose.  Chocolate Peanut Butter?  Nacho Cheese?  Hot Chocolate Marshmallow?  Take it and tweak it to your family’s liking!
  • Seasonal Fruit



  • Low Carb Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy (THM S)
    • This recipe comes out to about $0.99/serving, using the on-sale ground beef and mushrooms from this week.  That’s pretty good for a beef meal!
    • Serving ideas:
      • Steamed broccoli for about an additional $0.17/serving, I get it for $0.99 at Aldi.
      • Brown rice (for a THM XO) for about $0.07/serving.  I get brown rice at Kroger for $0.89/lb.
  • Chinese Chicken Salad (THM XO with S or E options)
    • This recipe costs about $0.96/serving as is and uses the on-sale B/S chicken breast, green cabbage, and mandarin oranges.  It’s not in the recipe, but I think adding a few sesame seeds would also spruce up this salad!
      • For an S, limit the carrots and mandarin oranges to garnish amounts.
      • For an E, limit the almonds to garnish amounts and reduce the olive oil in the dressing to 1 tablespoon.
    • The similar THM recipe, Ten-Minute Chinese Chicken Salad (THM S) found on page 199 in the Trim Healthy Table cookbook costs about $1.29/serving because of some of the special ingredients.
  • Hamburger and Cabbage Casserole (THM S)
    • This recipe costs about $0.80/serving and uses the on-sale ground beef and cabbage as it’s main ingredients.  Note:  If you are using my corresponding shopping list for this meal plan, I double the amounts for this recipe in order to have lunch leftovers.
    • Serving ideas:
      • Brown rice (for a THM XO) for about $0.07/serving.  I get brown rice at Kroger for $0.89/lb.
      • Roasted Carrots (perhaps the ones you have leftover from the Chinese Chicken Salad).
  • White Chicken Chili (THM E)
    • This recipe costs about $1.09/serving and uses the on-sale b/s chicken breast.
    • The similar THM recipe, Wicked White Chili found on page 37 in The Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook costs a bit more at about $1.35/serving, so I’m curious to see if my family likes this one just as much.
    • Serving ideas:
      • With cheese (for a THM XO) on sale at Kroger, 16oz for $2.49 (when you buy 4).  1/4 cup of cheese on top costs about $0.16.
      • With sour cream (for a THM XO).  Aldi has 16oz sour cream for $0.99 regularly, a dollop would cost about $0.12.
  • Sweet N Sour Chicken (THM E)
    • This recipe costs about $1.30/serving and uses the on-sale b/s chicken breast and pineapple.  I am suggesting using fresh pineapple instead of the canned, here, because it’s on sale – but you may find the canned pineapple to be a comparable cost (and far less work!).  However, fresh pineapple vs. canned… you be the judge!  I also opted for soy sauce instead of liquid aminos.  Liquid aminos are great, but about 5x the price.  Liquid aminos are also a stronger flavor, so you may find you need more than 6 tablespoons of soy sauce.  And one last thing – I am leaving out the sweetener in this recipe altogether.  My husband can taste a granule of THM Pure Stevia in any recipe and he doesn’t like it, so I’m banking on the sweetness of the pineapple itself to be enough 🙂
  • Spaghetti and Meatsauce with Broccoli 
    • This recipe costs about $1.04/serving and uses the on-sale ground beef.  I will serve it with whole grain pasta (I have found it for $0.50/12oz at Big Lots) for hubby and the kids, and just have it over steamed broccoli for myself (THM S).  I try to find pasta sauce for around $1 with the lowest sugar content, it varies which brand is on sale.

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